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QVV launches first projects on addendum.org and ServusTV

Judith Denkmayr | September 25, 2017

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Investigative research, new perspectives, wider contexts and background, presented in an easily understandable and appealing manner at the textual, visual and data-journalistic levels – these are the criteria that Quo Vadis Veritas Redaktions GmbH set out to meet with its work and its first project: Addendum. “Our target is to make our readers, users and viewers think: ‘I have never looked at things in this light before!’ says Michael Fleischhacker, managing director of Quo Vadis Redaktions GmbH, thus describing the thought behind Addendum.”

Alm Fleischhacker QVVThe essential reason for the creation of Addendum is an attempt to answer the question: “Are the currently established media formats still sufficient for our complex world and its media consumption?” Are our media still able to provide information on the major topics of our times in addition to the daily news? What is lacking? And: if everything is getting faster, why should we not become slower? We therefore take a step back, away from the 24/7 news, and we allow ourselves six weeks for every topic in order to research it from as many angles as possible, to discuss, dig deeper, check the facts several times and produce content for various channels.

The first research project will be published on Addendum.org on 25 September 2017. Subsequently, a new project is to be released every week; there will be new texts, images and films every day as well as data-journalistic projects at regular intervals.

In terms of topics, Addendum will focus on relevant and neuralgic questions from the worlds of politics, economy and society. Furthermore, investigative-journalistic research dealing with corruption and the abuse of power will be published on a regular basis as well. Addendum.org will be free of advertising and accessible without a paywall. The self-defined prerequisite for the choice of topics is that they have never been researched or presented in depth before, that there is a concrete indication of abuse, or that a story, perspective or view (visual component) was lacking in the previous reporting.

In addition, a 50-minute TV report on the topic of the respective project will be aired every Thursday (21:15 on ServusTV). In this context, the aspiration is to “look where others may not be able to look”, to present new stories and new pictures, and to offer an additional, more emotional component of the project topic.

QVV managing director Niko Alm promises even more than text and film: “We have the freedom to present research in a way that requires a behaviour which really strives to get to the bottom of things. This does not mean that we disregard modern developments in the communication of information in any way – on the contrary”.

Living up to the demand of today’s media users – that is, “anytime, everywhere and frequently in bite-sized pieces” – digital distribution channels such as Facebook, Messenger Service and newsletter play a central role as well. The “long reads” of the website as well as additional content are processed for the users in the form of graphics and videos so that the users can receive them anytime and everywhere via smartphone or receive all new projects in their inbox thanks to various newsletter formats. In this context, the target of Addendum is not to generate as much range as possible via social media and newsletter but to offer the user as many access possibilities to the content of a project as possible.

Addendum fills in “the missing piece” in the media landscape – from 25 September.